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    • Abrasive Aids slurry
    • Abrasive Aids slurry
    • 1.Product introduction:
       This slurry is special designed for boron carbide powder, It includes suspension concentrate, dispersing & grinding aids …, which are dispersed in deionized water, It helps with boron carbide slurry stability and at the same time, improve its thinning rate.
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    • Non-Adhesive Smart Film
    •  Non-adhesive smart film is the most popular and the main type in recent market.Sandwich the smart film and PVB or EVA together between two pieces of glass,then place it in autoclave or general one-step oven,the more stable performance smart glass will be agglutinated out through high temperature and high pressure process. The smart glasses come out with non-adhesive smart film are not only endowed with privacy protection and excellent heat insulation,also along with all application features of safety glasses.
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    • PDLC Smart Glass
    •  Smart glass is one kind hi-tech laminated glass based on PDLC technology, also known as intelligent glass, LC dimmable glass. Sandwich the PDLC film between two layers of glasses, a new optoelectronic product comes out after high temperature and high pressure agglutination. As the PDLC film is opaque when powder off, transparent when powder on, the smart glass can not only be normal glass, but also plays as electrically controlled curtain to protect privacy and provide you comfortable & green life.
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    • PDLC Smart Film for Rear Projection System
    • Projection System Components and Principles:
       1). Device Components: Controlling device, projector and dimmable projection screen.
       2). Projection Principles: the controlling device consists of output control, power controller and processing unit. Connect projector with output control, dimmable projection screen links with power controller, let output control and power controller establish communication within the controlling device through processing unit, dimmable projection screen changes ON to OFF (in reverse) by controlling the power switches. When the power controller powers on dimmable projection screen, the screen plays as common glass; when the powder is off, it can be used as rear projection screen.
       Wide-angle precision optical projector is recommended, which is 0.233m ultra-short focal distance. 200 inch projection image is easy to achieve when 4500lm projector applied; for 6000lm brightness, larger than 200 inches projection image is enabled like showcase advertising, big new products release conference, cultural transmission company, concerts, exhibitions and other commercial advertising.
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    • PDLC Smart Film
    •  Smart film is one of the latest technological breakthroughs, enabling glass to be instantly transformed from a clear state to an opaque state, by the flicking of a switch, providing immediate privacy and security, when required. Smart Transparent Film (STF) is also known as PDLC film (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal), electrically controlled smart film, electronic curtain, etc. This kind product is based on membrane technology, to attached mixed claviform macromolecule liquid crystal and prepolymer to transparent conductive substrate, bring in current through the electrode at the edge of substrate. The latest generation of smart film provides a simple,affordable alternative to other,intelligent glass' solutions.
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    • Self-Adhesive PDLC Smart Film
    •  Self-adhesive smart film is compounding silica gel with hardened layer based on PDLC smart film. Except featured with “Transparent when power on, opaque when power off”, the SA-STF can be dryly directly stuck, able to automatically vent out the air.
       Compared with traditional laminated smart glass, SA-STF is light, easy to deliver and convenient for installation. It is a time saving option that comes ready to be affixed to the surface and offers best solution for the already installed ordinary glass, and realizes projection, advertisement, exhibition on the glasses. There is no need to move away the glass facilities.
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    • Silver nanowires
    •  The nanowires are made of crystalline silver with a diameter in tens of nanometers and a length in tens of micrometers, giving it a high aspect ratio. when coated on a plastic (typically PET) substrate,the resultant film has a percolated network of highly conductive yet transparent silver nanowires.The single crystal silver wires overlap, creating a network that is highly conductive since silver is the most conductive element on the planet.
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    • Conductive silver paste
    •  Conductive silver paste is made of the superthin silver powder and low-temperature curing thermoplastic resin, suitable for screen printing various types of membrane switch, conductive trace.It has good print ability, remarkable conductivity, oxidation resistance and strong adhesion.
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    • Silver nanowires transparent conductive ink
    •  Silver nanowires transparent conductive ink is an environment friendly conductive ink which compounds with silver nanowires, waterborne resins, dispersing agents, additives, solvent water. It can be made into silver nanowires transparent conductive film through wet printing and coating technology by slot-die coating、micro-gravure coating. Apply to PET、PC、PVC、GLASS, etc, and has excellent adhesiveness.
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    • BGY-302
    • Application:
        1、Thinning and polishing of sapphire wafer & cover glass
        2、Grinding and polishing of optical crystal, ceramic, cemented carbide and other hard materials
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  • Hunan Haozhi Technology Co.,Ltd is an enterprise that focus on R&D,production and sales. Head Quarter is located in south Furong Road,Tianxin district,Changsha city, Hunan province. R&D center is located in Yuhua district,Changsha city and manufacturing base is located in Qiyang Technology Zone, Yongzhou city, which covers an area of 23248M2 with standard workshops and advanced equipments.

    t6娱乐Based on the brand principle of “let customers feel respect and esteem”. Haozhi focuses on the main products such as polishing materials, coating materials and PDLC smart prducts. Haozhi is trying to become a learning & technological enterprise basing on the value of “technology leading, service beyond customers' anticipation”.

    t6娱乐Haozhi insists on the aim of “kindness to staffs, focusing on marketing, constant innovation, contributing to society”, and works hard for the prosperity of the society and the development  of the national economy. Haozhi extends his sincere thanks and regards to all the friends' help , the partners' support and the staffs' hard working.

    Product Series:

    t6娱乐“Chute”Series-----rare earth polishing powder, rare earth polishing slurry, Silica polishing slurry, Zirconia polishing slurry, Alumina polishing slurry, diamond polishing slurry, Boron carbide polishing slurry, Silver nanowires, Silver nanowires transparent conductive ink.

    t6娱乐“Iwitte”Series-----PDLC smart film and smart glass.


    Cerium Oxide polishing powder: LCD glass substrate, cell phone cover glass, disc substrates, precision optical glass, etc;

    Polishing slurry: semi-conductive wafers, sapphire wafers & windows, precision hardware, mobile phone shell, etc;
    Silver nanowires products:  touch panels, flexible displays, thin-film solar cells, etc;
        PDLC smart products: office, hotel, medical institution, bank, exhibition, villa, auto, yacht, etc.

    Main Markets:
        China, South East Asia,  Japan, South Korea,  Europe,  America.

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